Adhere to ethics, code of conduct for development – councillors told

ILALA District Commissioner (DC), Ms Sophia Mjema has reminded councilors and council officials to adhere on ethics and public servants code of conducts to bring about needed developments. She, however, directed them to use their positions to serve the people instead of using the places to enrich themselves.
Ms Mjema made the directive in Dar es Salaam yesterday while officiating at a one-day Public Leadership Code of Ethics seminar organized by the Ethics Secretariat.
“Some of us here had businesses and companies before, but when we decided to work for public offices to help people we need to put aside our businesses. We should not use our positions to favour our companies or our friends’ businesses to do business with the council.
It is against public servants ethics as it is a conflict of interest,” she noted. Expounding further, she said public servants should copy life style of public servants in previous years as they were respected due to their life styles.
“Previously, it was rare to find public servants in bars late in the night and they were not connected with indiscreet acts. We should re-live their life,” she noted with concern.
She appealed to the public to work together with the Ethics Secretariat and other government departments to unearth public leaders who did not adhere to the leadership Code of Ethics. Those involved in corruption should also be exposed.
She stressed that the Fifth Phase Government was waging a relentless campaign to restore the tainted image of public servants.
Ethics Secretariat, Assistant Secretary Research and Statistics, Ms Evodia Pangani on behalf of the Acting Secretariat Commissioner, Mr Waziri Kipacha, reminded Councillors that public servants must avoid engaging themselves in corruption acts. She said such seminars were virtual to remind public servants to adhere on their code of conducts when performing their works.
“If we win the war against corruption, we will see the Tanzania we are dreaming of, a Tanzania with better and quality services. We should refrain from corrupt actions to make a better Tanzania for the coming generation,” she said.
The country may face serious challenges if councilors are not keen in ensuring operating ethically in their day to day activities. She described those effects as lack of public trust to their leaders and the government, something which will breach the national unity and solidarity.