Citizens advised to avoid land conflicts

RESIDENTS of Kilimanjaro Region ought to respect decisions taken by land councils in the region to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Saidi Meck Sadiki made the remark during a joint session with farmers and animal keepers in Ruvu Mferejini Ward following pastoralists’ invasion of the field owned by investor – IBISI International Company and destruction of the infrastructure in the farm.
Mr Sadiki issued the advice following complaints that pastoralists often grazed their livestock in the field.
He said that legally, the area belonged to the investor despite invasion of the area several times and claiming it belongs to them. “Same District Council has issued right decisions that show the owner of this farm is the investor,” said the RC.
He ordered the leadership of Ruvu Mferejini village to quickly start identifying areas for pastoralists and farmers and set boundaries to avoid conflicts between the two groups.
IBISI International Public Relations Manager, Dr Talib Kidaya said many investors were anxious to proceed with investment from the fear of uncontrollable destruction of their property.
He said the company legally owned the area since 1988 and received the title deed in 1996 for the field that measures 644.7 acres.
Over 77.8 acres have been invaded. “We ask the government to ensure, investors who come to invest in our country, a better environment, including security and safety of their properties,” asked Dr Daya.