21 examples of Michael Jordan's insane competitiveness

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Michael Jordan’s competitiveness is as legendary as his career.

Jordan was known as one of the fiercest competitors in the NBA, unafraid to talk trash and mix it up with other players. 

However, that competitiveness extended beyond the court. He was known to be ruthless in golf and would look to make everything a competition — even drinking water.

Here are 21 examples of Jordan’s insane competitiveness.

Actor Will Smith said he’s never met anyone as competitive as MJ.

“Mike will compete with anything, though. If we’re drinking water, Mike will be like, ‘I’ll race you!'”

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

He trashed all his doubters in his Hall of Fame induction speech, saying of former Bulls GM Jerry Krause: “I don’t know who invited him … I didn’t.”

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He punched former Bulls teammate Steve Kerr in the face during a scrimmage.

Kerr said he talked back to MJ during training camp, and then:

“He punched me in the face … It was one of the best things that ever happened for me. I needed to stand up and go back at him. I think I earned some respect. But, we have a great relationship ever since … you gotta prove it, and then once you prove it, you’re fine.”

Source: Dan Patrick Show

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21 examples of Michael Jordan's insane competitiveness