Klopp, Warnock and Mourinho speak plus Premier League team news – live!

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There’s been a lot of talk of late about a mysterious twitter user who has been leaking West Ham’s line-ups for the last couple of years. This morning’s Times reports:

Manuel Pellegrini is growing increasingly frustrated that news of his team selections at West Ham United is routinely being leaked before he has announced it to his players. The manager is aware that a Twitter account with the handle @ExWHUemployee has revealed the team for more than 60 matches in succession, including the four Premier League defeats over which he has presided this season, leading him to make inquiries as to the likely source.

I am an absolute nobody (as those who have met me know) a fat lad with a twitter account. The fact I am being discussed on so many media platforms about a factually incorrect story started by one person shows the worrying state of some sports reporting in my opinion

First of all, it’s not true. I’m not angry about that. Normally in teams I managed before all the players know the day before [a game] who will play who will not play. I will not keep the starting XI for the hours before a game. There’s a lot of different ways someone can know the team. I don’t have any idea who is tweeting the teams, I don’t worry about that.

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Bournemouth have been busy over the international break, spending some of it training with the SAS. “We like to do things that stretch the players and give them new life skills,” says Eddie Howe.

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Source: theguardian
Klopp, Warnock and Mourinho speak plus Premier League team news – live!